Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disney Basin - What a disappointment

I have never been to a "soap" store since I worked at the Body Shop back around 1990. so I was dying to see a Lush or a Basin. We bought some soaps for R and D of course, and it was not very good. First of all 100g for $6. To be fair it was pretty and smelled nice but very little quality stuff. The glycerin soap is cut very thin and my kids said that it fell apart after one bath. My soaps are all natural and about 350 grams for $8. They do focus on bath bombs like Lush.

What's new in my soap world.

Well our soaps are now available in the world Famous Atlantis Hotel! Yes you read right.If you are ever there, we are in the Royal Towers Signature Store.

Back again!

They are no me, but they are cute!

Max gets the school spirit award, next is Prime Minister of the Bahamas

It was a tough year and we made it!
Congrats Whit

All I wanted was 1 pic before trick or treating. Could they look a little less annoyed?

Karate Kid 2008

Here is my Max singing "yellow bird" with his choir. They are so good.

It is so hard to keep up everyday with this. I have so many pics, we are so busy.......Thank God!